Volunteers of the Month


2018-2019 volunteers of the month: 


April – Maria Duque & Lisa Hunsaker

March – Natalie Simmons & Jennifer Sue

February – Carol Hill & Sarah Lueb

January – Michele Jobe & Barbara Marks

December – Laura C. & Jessie Chu

November – Kelly Anderson

October – Becky Schuerman Choi

September – Kate DeSimone

August – Kimberly Nezianya, Beth Noon & Pamela Royal


2017-2018 volunteers of the month:


May – Angela Bao & Coleen Difiglia

April – Swagata Chowdhury & Hilary Dietz

March – Nadia Ardah

February – Shari Hopkins

January – Whitney Dombroski & Kathy Kokal

December – Farrah Bolay & Michelle Finnerty

November – Holly Slotkin

October – Maria Duque

September – Venetia Robertson

August – Margit Mollhoff


2016-2017 volunteers of the month:


May – Heather Price & Sherry Whitfield
April – Amy Sheehy
March – Allison Freeze
February – Carrie Flores & Stacy Koch
January – Denise Artho
December – Sharon Hill
November – Jessie Chu
October – Martha & Victor Gonzalez
September – Susan Baer
August – Amy Grigson & Holly Jule

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