Name Email Address
Executive Board - Officers and Standing Committee Chairs
President Lavina Kayyal president@robinsonpta.org
1st VP Communications Holly Slotkin communications@robinsonpta.org
2nd VP Programs Maria Elisa Duque programs@robinsonpta.org
3rd VP Volunteers Kelly Farlander volunteers@robinsonpta.org  
4th VP Ways & Means Venetia Robertson waysandmeans@robinsonpta.org
5th VP Membership Shari Hopkins membership@robinsonpta.org
Secretary Carrie Flores secretary@robinsonpta.org
Treasurer Susan Baer treasurer@robinsonpta.org
Historian Elissa Reed historian@robinsonpta.org
Parliamentarian Denise Artho parliamentarian@robinsonpta.org
Arts in Education Co-Chair Kathy Kokal artsineducation@robinsonpta.org
Arts in Education Co-Chair Whitney Dombroski artsineducation@robinsonpta.org
Newsletter Hilary Dietz newsletter@robinsonpta.org
Community Relations Co-Chair Farrah Bolay communityrelations@robinsonpta.org
Community Relations Co-Chair Michelle Finnerty communityrelations@robinsonpta.org
Council Delegate Martha Gonzalez councildelegate@robinsonpta.org
Environmental Kathy Hathaway environmental@robinsonpta.org
Hospitality Amy Grigson hospitality@robinsonpta.org
Hospitality Angela Bao hospitality@robinsonpta.org
Healthy Lifestyles Amy Sheehy healthylifestyles@robinsonpta.org
School Store Co-Chair Empty schoolstore@robinsonpta.org
School Store Co-Chair Margit Mollhoff schoolstore@robinsonpta.org
Social Media Swagata Chowdhury socialmedia@robinsonpta.org
Principal Billie Jean Lee billie-jean.lee@pisd.edu
Committee Chairs    
Birthday Coordinator Amy Nelson birthdays@robinsonpta.org
Book-Fair Co-Chair Nadia Ardah bookfair@robinsonpta.org
Book-Fair Co-Chair Carrie Flores bookfair@robinsonpta.org
Box Tops Coordinator Nadia Ardah boxtops@robinsonpta.org
Office Coordinator Dori Berg office@robinsonpta.org
Marquee Margit Mollhoff marquee@robinsonpta.org
Recommended Reading Becky Cudlipp recommendedreading@robinsonpta.org
School Directory Chair Jessie Chu directory@robinsonpta.org
Spirit Nights Sarah Natsis spiritnights@robinsonpta.org 
Spirit Wear Co-Chair Venetia Robertson spiritwear@robinsonpta.org
Spirit Wear Co-Chair Kelly Farlander spiritwear@robinsonpta.org
School Supplies Co-Chair Kimberly Nezianya schoolsupplies@robinsonpta.org
School Supplies Co-Chair Beth Noon schoolsupplies@robinsonpta.org
8th Grade Celebration Coleen Difiglia celebration@robinsonpta.org
8th Grade Celebration Kathy Kokal celebration@robinsonpta.org



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